Electronica Exposed



Active: 04.2012 - 04.2013
Genres: Freeform
Formats: Digital Download
Owner: Richard Andrews
A&R: Richard Andrews


Electrode is Electronica Exposed's free digital download freeform album label and released two Freeform Exposed albums that featured dance floor devastating music by Shanty, Penguin Conspiracy, Epyx & Cyrez, Transcend, Greg Peaks, AC Slater, Olly Addictive, TTE, Haze, Firefly, The Acolyte, Twisted Freq, Pulse, Qygen, Guld, Substanced and many more! Each album included one or two DJ mixes and also unmixed compositions for DJ use in full quality 16-bit wav and reduced quality 320 kbps mp3 formats, all of which are professionally mastered to provide exceptional audio quality! If you like either of these Electrode releases, please donate!


ELODE001 - Freeform Exposed ELODE002 - Freeform Exposed 2

-> ELODE001 - Freeform Exposed
-> ELODE002 - Freeform Exposed 2

2002- Electronica Exposed